5 Important Tweaks For On-Site SEO

The first move for launching any successful SEO (search engine optimization) campaign is for you to totally optimize every part of your site to obtain a high density for your keywords. This article will focus on five crucial elements of your site that need to be optimized.

Title Tag – Your HTML title tag will be ranked for keyword relevance. This makes it an excellent place to put your keywords, but you need to use them smartly. You don’t want to list every keyword you have, but just a couple that will flow naturally within your title. Try to change these up from one webpage to the next.

Alt Tags – When you see ‘Alt’ is stands for alternate. It’s actually an attribute even though it’s usually referred to as being a tag. This is the text that is going to appear if an image can’t be displayed. Although you need to use it for describing your image, you can additionally add keywords after this.

Visible Text – What this does is actually deal with the text on every page of your site. It depends on how much content you have on your site as to how difficult it will be to go back and place additional keywords to all your pages, but if you do it over a span of time it will continuously improve your results. Always remember your keywords when you are adding content onto your website. Use them whenever you can but keep a natural flow to your text.

Heading Tags – Your header tags are also used for defining your HTML heading. These headings are meant to be utilized for highlighting the various titles for web pages. This means they’re used often for describing your page content. That’s why the search engines give these tags a lot of weight in regard to rankings. They help search engines determine your site’s relevance. This is why you need to use your keywords in your tags whenever you can, but never be spammy.

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

Keywords In Your URL – Using your keywords within your URL is very effective for ranking with search engines, but this is very seldom tested by any of the keyword analyzer tools. When a website is already built this become much more difficult, because you have to ensure that you change any of your internal links to your pages to your new URL. Additionally you need to utilize a 301 redirect in order to make sure any of your inbound links ends up going to the right URL. When you use key phrases that have multiple words you should use hyphens rather than underscores.