About New To SEO

http://www.newtoseo.net was created in December of 2011 after searching for an exact searched domain name for a new micro niche site.

Being an SEO newbie myself I thought I found a hidden gem domain name I purchased newtoseo.net on the spot thinking I could flip the domain. After learning about exact feature in the Google key tool I felt well, like an ass.

Not that I’m doing to bad but I learned that I have been researching domain names wrong for almost a year. I decided to keep newtoseo.net and use it as my learning seo blog. Posting tips and articles as I learn them (mostly the hard way) as a reminder of how important it is to research everything before doing it. Also to help other SEO newbies.

I hope to also add some guest blog posts from more experienced seo bloggers in the future. If you are interested please contact me. I’m sure it would be much appreciated by newbies like me.

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