7 SEO Myths You Must Know About in 2012

If you are into online marketing, you would agree that SEO is an inevitable technique to gain insane amount of web traffic, quality leads and eventually sales. SEO has evolved significantly in last few years and because its concepts and theories are relatively new, it is very easy for people to misunderstand or misinterpret some concepts. This has resulted in many myths and misconceptions to occur in SEO industry, that very often result in waste of a lot of time and efforts for SEO experts. In this article I am going clear a few SEO myths that are currently revolving in the SEO industry.

1. More Keywords = Better Rankings

This is absolutely wrong; in fact if you use multiple keywords in your content it will drastically effect your SEO campaign and will badly effect your keyword density.

2. Maximum Links = Better Rankings

We cannot deny the importance of off page SEO when it comes to ranking a website for any given keyword, but it is wrong to think that only the higher quantity of links will result in better rankings. In fact it is more about quality now then quantity. A website having a significantly low count of incoming backlinks can easily out rank a website with huge backlinks count, given its backlinks are of high quality.

3. PPC boosts your rankings

Recently this myth has gain a lot of popularity, the only thing PPC helps you with, is the paid traffic that is of high quality and laser targeted towards your niche, but it does not affect your organic rankings at all.

4. Buying Links Helps In Better Rankings

You should always believe that your link building efforts are aimed towards building quality incoming links naturally. Paid links may give you a short term boost in terms of rankings, but they are of no good in long run and may harm your websites authority in the eyes of Google.

5. We are done with SEO, now what to do?

This is absolutely wrong. SEO campaign can never be considered as “complete”, as there are always some room for improvement. People consider SEO as a one-time activity, but it is not. On page SEO might get completed very soon, but off page activities are an on-going process and may continue as long as your website is live on internet. You should concentrate on keep building quality content to update your users as well as search engine spiders.

6. Search Spider reads only text, hence Images and Videos are non-SEO friendly

Big NO on this one. Images and videos make your website content rich, don’t hesitate to use them and make your website more and more interesting for your users. Furthermore you can optimize the images and videos by using alt tags, title tags and description which give you more room to add your keywords in the web page.

7. Sitemaps Helps in better rankings

This is not true. Sitemaps are important to make it easy for both the spiders and the users easily find your web pages. But they won’t affect your organic SEO. You must use them but don’t rely on them too much for better rankings.

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Watch Where You Get Your SEO Tips From

I wanted to create a post about a subject that I think is very important that people should already know, not everything on the internet it true. This is very important when it comes to learning SEO as a newbie. There are some people that think that they know it all, ones that still try to sell you pre-Google Panda ways of doing things and others that want you to fail. The fact that some people would want you to fail or make easy money off you should not be surprising. The fact is, is that if a person finds something that works well for them they are not going to share it with others. They are all going after the same money that can be made made.

I’m sure most of you are members of SEO/marketing forums like Digital Point or Warrior Forum. On these types of forums you will find endless people telling you how to get your site to the front page of Google. I will say that most of the tips are bad tips and may even hurt your site.

You will find people that would love to blast your new website with 1000′s of backlinks all at once. How do you think Google will look at a brand new site only weeks old that has 20,000 backlinks?

Bad SEO Advice
Bad SEO Advice

You want to make sure that you are taking advice from people that trustable insuring that you are getting good information. If you have read the about New To SEO page you will know that I have followed some of that bad SEO advice and have lost money in the process. Did you know that I started playing around with the SEO of my sites after the Google Panda upgrade. I had no clue about it and sunk almost $100 into 3 autoblog websites. Because I listened to some jerk I lost not only the $100 but a domain that I had aged for 3 years which got banned by Google. Since then I have been doing more research on everything before I use it on my money sites along with some common sense.

The bottom line is this, know that you are getting seo tips from a reputable member of a forum or blog, use common sense, if it seems to good to be true it is and research Google Panda. After reading up on this subject you should be able to use common sense and make your own educated dissensions on what to try for your site. Once you learn that nothing comes free you will sop wasting money, sand-boxing your sites and move forward in your quest of being successful.


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How To Reduce SEO Costs

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” is a hot topic among people who use the use of the net in order to advertise their goods and services that they have to offer to other people. By producing content that is carefully optimized for popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and ASK, you can effectively drive targeted traffic to your internet site!

Targeted traffic can actually result in a enormous amount of earnings! Now, we know it works, but how much is it? It can cost thousands upon thousands of bucks each and every single year – UNLESS you know the secrets behind successfully cutting your SEO costs. Here, I will share a few of these secrets with you!

Reducing SEO Cost
Reduce SEO Cost
Reduce SEO Cost

1. One of the best ways to optimize the content on your website is to compile articles that are internet ready. Basically, all you have to do is produce high quality, enriching content that is sprinkled with some keywords and you are good to go! However, many people who market online and operate their own site and business discover that they do not have time to write their own content. There are a number of article writing sites out there that hire writers to produce search engine optimized content.

2. Link exchanges are also an efficient means of cutting down your search engine optimization costs. It is crucial to understand that when a link to your site is placed on another internet site, it naturally promotes your ranking in many different search engines. If you are looking to be seen, and be amongst the top listed in search engines, use tactics like backlinking. Make sure to exchange links within posts with another blog or do a 3+ link exchange.

3. The next field that you should focus on when it comes to search engine optimization is the navigation on your site. Individuals are more likely to visit your site if it is more user friendly. The more people that visit, the better your search engine optimization statistics will be!


If you’ve always desired to optimize your web site, but never knew how, these strategies can aid you on your way! Remember there are a lot of secrets associated with optimizing your content for search engines!

Search Engine Optimization Facts

SEO (or search engine optimization) is mainly just a process that deals with optimizing websites so they can rank higher with the search engines. The main goal is to get organic traffic to your site.

Whenever you open a search engine like Bing or Google and type in specific words, you will get a results page. The results that you see displayed on the first page are the ones that get the most visitors. If your site is made well and is able to follow the algorithms used by the search engines, then it could end up being displayed on that all-important first page. The higher you page ranks the higher your number of visitors will be.

SEO is used a lot today by software developing companies for increasing their business or for their clients. Each organization tries to develop a web presence within the global market. The Internet has come a very long way and is now a necessity for technical and non-technical people alike. It’s how the post and how they search for their information.

Without good SEO work it is hardly possible for websites to develop this kind of web presence. There number of similar websites out there is literally hundreds of thousands, so the competition is stiff. You can’t reach your target audience unless your site is top quality and embedded with good content and white-hat SEO work. The typical SEO service uses several ways to increase a website’s ranking:

1. Keyword Research – Your keywords are the main part of your website. They describe what your site is all about so people can find you. You need to really do some brain-storming and do thorough research to get the best keywords.

2. SEO Copywriting – This is extremely important and needs to be followed by each firm that is involved with SEO. It’s accomplished through software documentation teams. They copywrite material that is then posted online and others can’t copy it for their own use.

3. Link Building – This is where inbound links are obtained for your website. This is performed through various activities such as directory submission, article submission, link exchange, blog posting, and more.

Some of the advantages from good SEO work are:

1. Large customer Base: Because the Internet has such an extremely large customer base, if your site is optimized well you can reach a very large audience. Whenever SEO is done properly on your site it can get your site ranked high with the search engines.

2. Brand Building: SEO is a proven way to increase your brand visibility.

3. More Sales: With increased brand visibility along with a larger customer base your sales will increase.

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SEO Tips
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How Hard is SEO?

SEO is not getting harder, but in last couple of years in the name of SEO the spamming we have done that forced Google to update their algorithm every other day with so many penalties.

Since the beginning Google has a clear guideline about SEO, but people started to do tricks and thinks that they are more intelligent than the people making the algorithm.

The present scenario is just the outcome of all those unethical method we have tried to rank top in Google and now we are blaming and saying that Google made it difficult, that’s not fair.

Irrespective of various Google’s update, even today the moral of the story remains same what it was at the beginning that is:

1. Quality Content
2. Quality Backlinks

That’s it…

If you are capable to take care of these two SEO factors you never need to bother about any update, and you will always rank top.

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Learning the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

You are a blogger or have a business online, why don’t you optimize it and make money with it? It is possible and nowadays there is nothing impossible online when it comes to SEO and making money. The best thing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that as long as you have internet connection, a little bit of computer skill and internet knowledge, a product or a writing skill for bloggers, and you are ready to start. Hence, you make a living inside your own comfort without thinking of getting late in the office or what to wear or being scolded by a war freak boss. Before proceeding, you must start and learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) or Austin Search engine optimization.

First and foremost, search engine optimization is the process of improving a certain website or webpage visible. Basically, the higher the page or the more frequent your website appears in the search result list, the more hits or site views will you get. Therefore, this is what you have to work for and learn to.

The scenario is always like this: One is searching for terms in Google and a list of page result appears. On the other hand, what are the chances of a certain site to be in the first page of result list or at least in the top? Keywords play an important role on SEO and understanding what keywords or tags are for is important. The competition is very hard-hitting when it comes to page ranks especially when those who manipulate the top page ranks are those that are strategizing with ill intentions. Further, don’t follow the trend of black hat SEO technique, and stay with white hat SEO technique, as this is more lasting.

The SEO techniques are classified into two, which are called as the “white hat” and the “black hat”. The former type of SEO technique is what search engine providers approve as it conforms to the SEO guidelines and does not involve fraudulent schemes or spamming. The latter is just the opposite and its purpose is to manipulate the ranking and get hits, but not exactly to improve accessibility to users. Much so, SEO black hat technique involves deception and when caught would lead to suspension, reduced ranking or worse banned. It is best and safer to follow the SEO white hat technique, as it may not put your site into a trash and efforts wasted.

Furthermore, it is also basic on SEO to build backlinks. Seeing your site in the top 5 page in Google is the same as being popular. Keep that page moving up to the first page. How to go with backlinks is to link your content with similar niches or field like yours. Good and quality backlinks are given more credit.