Tested SEO Services That Work

Ok, if you are new to SEO/IM or you have been doing it for a while, I bet you have been taken by a couple people offering you service. I have lost money multiple times and well yea, I admit it 🙂 . Look, there is someone on every site that says they are a “guru” or have been doing this work for a long time. Let me tell you, 90% of the time they are full of it. How many fiverr gigs have you purchased that are junk as well?

If you follow me you know that I’m not an IM or SEO expert and never claim to be. I’m just a regular guy trying to make some extra cash online mostly as a hobby. So on this page you will find tested and trusted services I have used personally and that has worked well for me. I will not post anything that is sketchy. Try to get other pages to do this!

I have learned to stay away from most “free” services. Why, you ask? Because every single person out there is looking for the free tools. I’m not saying all are bad but most are. I will post the (good) free tools as well when I find them.

So why am I sharing what is working for me and not keeping it to myself? As of right now, I’m only involved in very small niches that interest me. I can almost bet that I’m not competing with you. Also, the whole reason I started this site is because I was fed up with all the bad information I was getting on other sites and sick of all the “sale pages” that promise everything and then it is crap or just half of what you need to know. So to stay true to this I share 🙂 One last of thing. Most of these services will will be good for new site SEO and niche site search engine optimization.

SEO Services That Work-Tested and Approved
Search Engine Rockstar
The first service that we will go over is an all in one linking service at the best price I have seen. It is called Search Engine Rockstar and they have a couple different services. I have only used one of their services so that is all I can vouch for. I got the Rockstar SEO Blitz package. I will say that if their monthly plan is anywhere as good as their Rockstar service I’m sure it is good. I’m just not to that point yet where I can afford a monthly package.

Anyway, let’s go over what is in this package: 2 Articles Spun and Submitted To 1,000+ Directories, 100 High Pr Blog Comments (PR 1-5), 250 Additional Low PR Comment (for link diversity), 50 Web 2.0 Properties, 50 Social Bookmarks, 300 High PR Domain Forum Profile, All links pinged and turned into RSS feeds and submitted for faster crawling and indexing.

The price on this package is $35 and I will be the first to say, that is a whole lot of quality links for the money. For me the links have not been found all at once, they are showing up in my Google Webmaster Tools slowly, the way they should! To fast and Google will ignore them or even worse, slap you right down the ranking ladder.

I was told that this is safe for new sites since the links are drip fed and will be found over time. This service will be the first SEO thing I do to any new sites from here on out, yes I think it is that good. I used this service on a site about 3 months old. I also used this service on a medium level keyword.

IM Talk Tools
I joined a new IM forum a while back called IM Talk. They have some very good tools for anyone to use. They have anywhere from a free website submitter, RSS submitter, serp tool, kep track of keywords to bookmarking to a private PR network. The good thing about these tools are the owner of the website hates spam. He doesn’t allow any spammy links or adult, drug, etc. This keeps the network in a trustable state by Google. Though most of the tools are for getting a new site indexed I have had very good luck with the IMT Supercharged Bookmarks. I would suggest checking out the IMT Tools forum at IM Talk. I also suggest reading the tips the SEO Bunny has made.

Custom WordPress Themes
Ok, above I said that a lot of stuff on fiverr is junk, right? Well not everyting. I found a gig from a guy named Tim, and if you are building a WP site or using a free theme I suggest you visit his Custom WordPress Theme gig. Not only does it look better to Google when you use a theme but you can get it customized. I know what you are thinking, yea right but let me tell you, I have no affiliation with this guy at all besides being a customer. He has done 5 sites for me and is working on another. I of course can not post any samples he has done for me since it will give up one of my niches but just ask him for some samples, this guy is amazing and has to be one of the hardest working guys on fiverr.

Tim has his own themes that are not released to the public for free. They are heavily set up for user control and he will customize them to what you need (look, how it works, etc). What he doesn’t do is modify other themes not made by him.

Hire An Expert

Of course, the best way to make sure you do great SEO is to hire an SEO company or expert to do it for you. In that way, you can focus on running your business while they focus on building up your Google rankings and traffic.